Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Writing on verandah at villa in Negril ...

Writing on verandah at villa in Negril with Carib sea just in the distance.  Pretty morning, birds talking, flowers all around, sky clear as a bell. I'm ready for my second cup of coffee already. Up early today despite getting to bed little late last night.  Watched game (Miami vs. Chicago) at a local bar last night with big sis, a friend and a couple of rastas. Wow, what a game. Chicago showed out! Was rooting for Miami, but I think next one is Wednesday, so I will be ready. C'mon Miami! 

We're picking up Miss D (a cute little five year old girl sis has practically adopted -- I'm "auntie") late afternoon and bringing her back to the pool for some fun in the sun. She's a hoot is all I can say.

The morning is already off to a good start -- full of writing. God is good. Beautiful day. Enjoy yours. Until next time ...

Cassandra Black


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