Monday, May 20, 2013

Ahhh ... loving the morning re: working on new book ...

Ahhh ... loving the morning re: working on new book ... series of novellas about black love post the Civil War, through Reconstruction ... First book (working on today) -- New Country: The Lawtons. I pray God guide me on this journey; for He knows this one was not conceived by me, rather planted ... Guide me, Lord.

Exercise Plans for the Day:  Got caught in rainstorm yesterday. My sneakers are on the verandah, still drying ... so gonna try to tie up by 3:30 PM and get back out there. Only walked 2.5 of my anticipated seven miles yesterday before all hell broke loose over the Caribbean Sea ( Try, try, try again... back at it today. Fingers crossed; I dunno what will happen re: it's rainy season in Jamaica. Should have gotten out earlier.

Enjoy your week, EXERCISE, and, as usual, make some good stuff happen.

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