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I hope your day is going well. I'm in a villa in Negril, Jamaica ( doing some article marketing for my ***NEW RELEASE*** Samantha's Cravings,

Currently circulating this editorial:

7 Real Reasons Women Cheat

Women cheat because men won't do the dishes; that's one school of thought.  But many experts say women are more likely to be unfaithful due to emotional reasons. See some reasons for why women cheat below.

Reasons Women are Unfaithful

According to a WebMD editorial, below are some reasons women may be unfaithful to their partner: 

  1. they are being taken for granted by their mate;
  2. they feel a sense of loneliness;
  3. not feeling connected, close, to their partner;
  4. to get attention, affection;
  5. to transition out of a bad marriage;
  6. for comfort during vulnerability or life change;
  7. as a cry for help in a bad marriage.

Why Men Cheat

Conversely, Helen Fisher, a Rutgers University biological anthropologist, indicates males are more likely to list sexual motivation as their main reason for infidelity, versus many of the emotional catalysts for women listed above.

Women and Infidelity:  It Doesn't "Just Happen"

Though the opinion that some men may not "help around the house" as much as his mate would like (i.e., doing the dishes) may not be the overriding reason a woman ultimately chooses to seek the company of another man, it may, indeed, be the final straw that breaks the camel's back in many female infidelity stories.

Generally, with women, affairs don't just happen.  Usually, a series of events, which may happen over a number of years, will push a woman into the arms of another man. 

For example, in Samantha's Cravings, a novel by Cassandra Black / Amber Creek about a married woman journeying through a mid-life crisis and ultimately falling in love with her lover, a series of events leads to Samantha's transgressions with Frank, versus one specific incident.  And emotional infidelity rears its head long before the physical. See

The female gender will more likely struggle with the idea of being unfaithful for an extended period of time before they choose to ultimately go out and have an affair. Many experts point out that women tend to think long and hard about cheating before they actually take that leap.

How to Get Past It: Relationship Survival after an Affair

Most professionals advise seeking the help of a competent professional after infidelity issues in a relationship. Though it can be difficult, many believe it is possible to heal a relationship after a wife cheating or husband cheating scenario -- if both parties are willing to be open and honest and do the hard work required to keep them together.

Cassandra Black ( is the author of Samantha's Cravings, (Stone Cottage Books), a novel about infidelity from a woman's standpoint as she journeys through the familiar mid-life crisis more often associated with men.

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To read the full WebMD editorial referenced above -- and for more information and statistics about women and infidelity -- see

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