Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Negril lot clearing a success yesterday ...

Good morning ... getting late start today. Up middle of night; paying for it today.

Yesterday the lot clearing went great (see http://cassandra-black-author.blogspot.com/2013/05/god-has-given-us-another-beautiful.html for background). The man I'm using even burned most of the brush left from chopping a week or so ago. Land is shaping up nicely. Today, he will need to flag down a garbage truck to pick up the pile of debris and add a temporary security door to front of the cement room. Luckily, the property had a block room on it. This is a blessing considering the block I'm losing from last lot.  (God is my friend.)

This cement room, which has a large tile shower in place already, will act as the bath and tiny kitchen.  After misc litter is raked from the yard, that will complete the work today on the lot. Have not dragged my cottage down there yet from last lot. May hold off until next trip, but we'll see. Still have a few more weeks on the island.

Doing a little admin this morning, then my walk, then back on computer writing until I check on work end of day down there.

Slightly overcast this morning. By the time I suit up for my walk (in just a few), I hope sun is hot, hot, hot.

Enjoy your day ... until next time ...

Cassandra Black



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