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New Romance Book Release: "LOVE AFTER HOURS" (Erotica / Steamy Romance)

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New Romance Book Release:  

I've just released LOVE AFTER HOURS (Erotica / Steamy Romance). Visit

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Find an overview below, and read a FREE sample on Amazon. (Note:  Barnes & Noble tends to lag a day or so behind, so check for NOOK version on soon.)


Overview -- Love After Hours 

Drake Barrington had a thing for women of color … their caring nature, strength, sensibilities … and their natural sexiness. It must have come from his daddy, a Superior Court judge in a wealthy hamlet of Rhode Island. He remembered growing up in his daddy’s household. Barrington Senior had numerous sexual interludes with the young women who worked in his judicial offices -- and with the long-time domestic who worked in their Newport manor. 

How could Drake deny the lust that oozed from his very being when he was in the midst of a beauty it seemed the heavens had created, just for him? 

He couldn’t keep his eyes off Trina Madison. The new paralegal temp had just started at his firm. She had been placed in his department: Government Liaison. There was a lot of work to do with the new PAC initiative. Overtime, overtime, overtime; and plenty of it. But Drake knew many of Trina’s duties would have little to do with the shenanigans of political affairs … if she wanted it. 


Trina Madison accepted the assignment at Barrington, Jacobs and Matthews as soon as the employment agency called. Of course she did; she had no choice. Her Atlanta condo was two steps from foreclosure, and she had just turned her prized, black BMW back over to the dealership. She loved that car, but the hefty salary she had enjoyed at her last job had come to a screeching halt after the layoff. 


That was her boss? Drake Barrington looked like he’d been plucked from the pages of an athletic magazine. Trina’s panties had all but melted when she laid eyes on him the first day on the job. Secret glances, comments with double meaning, slight, accidental brushes of the hand, shoulder, leg, in tight spots on the elevator, in the conference room, hallway, were the beginning embers of an inevitable wildfire just about to get its wind … 

But nothing ever escaped the attention of Drake’s soon-to-be ex-wife. With a reputation as a witch-bitch with an ax to grind, Priscilla Barrington would let nothing take Drake -- and his money -- from her; not in this lifetime or the next. No matter they were estranged, he was still her husband! 

This new hire had just better watch her step, or she would soon meet the same fate Cynthia Taylor and her unborn child suffered. 

#   #   #

Visit to purchase the Kindle version of Love After Hours. 


BWWM Short, Multicultural / Interracial, Erotic Romance

Cassandra Black

Good morning. I'm up and at it this Tuesday morning ...

Good morning. I'm up and at it this Tuesday morning, having ginger tea. Slept preeeeetty good last night. Was in the bed early and slept almost straight through (which is unusual). Feeling a calm surrounding me today. 

I feel God's presence. 

The apartment building is uber quiet this morning. Pigeons aren't even making a sound. Love getting up early before the world starts stirring about. As soon as its light out, I will open the door of my little studio so I can say good morning to one of my favorite things, the Caribbean Sea. (Have to make plans to actually stick my toe in the water this weekend ... it's been a minute).

Wishing you a great Tuesday! Full morning ahead working on next multicultural romance novella, Love After Hours, coming out soon (UPDATE 4/30/14: The new book is out. See

  ... Enjoy your day. 



Heart's Desire (Under the Taribou Moon), PART 1

(Part 2 Out May, 2014)

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Latest Romance Book -- HEART'S DESIRE (Under the Taribou Moon)

I hope you've had a great Monday. Day was very full on this end, but good stuff! Regret I didn't make my walk today, but my hands were glued to my keyboard working on next release.

Steamy Romance! 

LOVE AFTER HOURS (a shortie!) will be out soon. (UPDATE 4/30/14: The new book is out. See my hand at something a little steamier in this next romance book. So far, so good. Having fun writing it! 

Latest Press Release:

Here's a quick link to press release announcing the latest multicultural romance book release: HEART'S DESIRE ... 

Heart's Desire (Under the Taribou Moon), PART 1

(Part 2 Out May, 2014)

Update for NOOK Users:

Note: NOOK users, please note this new Heart's Desire release has not been uploaded to BN. The BN upload website has been having technical issues for daaaaaaays. On their behalf, I am sorry about the delay. Soon come on NOOK ... I'm hopeful.

Enjoy your evening, and, as always, THANK YOU for stopping by my author blog. 

Cassandra Black

Friday, April 25, 2014

**NEW Romance Book Release** -- "Heart’s Desire ... Under the Taribou Moon

**NEW Romance Book Release** -- "Heart’s Desire ... Under the Taribou Moon." See Find an excerpt below. 

Have a super weekend!

**NEW Romance Book Release** 
HEART'S DESIRE ... Under the Taribou Moon


Ciara Blakeshore didn't plan on getting fired from the New York City public relations agency she had practically built.  

She also didn't plan on flying to Taribou Island, a little-known hamlet tucked away in the Caribbean near Turks and Caicos, to lick her wounds and repair her mangled pride.  But she had, and she was glad she did. While in the Caribbean, on a whim, she decides to stay and take a shot at making the tropical paradise her home. But there was one caveat to being able to remain on the island long-term: she needed residency.

Ciara knew she could get legal status one of three ways:   by getting a job; by marrying a local; or, by starting her own business.

The first two were out the window.  There was no way she was working on anybody’s job -- ever again – especially after what had happened in Manhattan. And getting married would require a husband, and that was simply nowhere on the radar. Her life was a complete and utter mess, and the absolute last thing on her mind was finding a man.

The third option seemed to be the best: starting a business.  And that’s exactly what she set out to do.

But when she meets the handsome Gunnar Davenport, emotions run high, passion is in the driver’s seat, and her life takes another unexpected turn. The owner of Taribou Moon Oceanside Resort and Spa, Gunnar has his own plan of action for the feisty, irresistible Ciara Blakeshore. And settling down as the wife of the Caribbean’s most prominent business owner, who has his own sorted past, may be closer than she realizes.


A week later, Ciara was sitting in the lobby area of the office complex of the Taribou Moon Resort waiting to meet with Gunnar Davenport.  PAMELA MORRIS. That’s what the name plate on the assistant’s desk read.

“Thank you, Pamela,” Ciara said, continuing the charade as if she knew the woman from perhaps a previous office visit with Gunnar.

The older lady with the short, salt-and-pepper afro peered at Ciara over thick eyeglasses. She politely gestured for her to take a seat on the leather couch near her desk.

“Mr. Davenport will be right out,” she said.  “Can I offer you some coffee or tea while you wait?” the lady asked.

“No, no, I’m fine, but thank you,” Ciara said, pulling a folder from her briefcase as she sat down.

After just a little while, Gunnar Davenport strode into the lobby.

Unmistakable. It was the same perfect man she’d seen running on the beach.

His tall, strapping form was clad in dark linen slacks, a white t-shirt, and wide leather sandals. Up close, chiseled features, perfectly tanned skin, and a dark, wily mane made him more striking.

Feeling suddenly, hot, wobbly, and overdressed in her formal business attire, Ciara swallowed hard and tried to find her voice. Her lilac linen suit consisted of a skirt that landed comfortably above the knee. The cropped jacket plunged slightly to reveal an enticing, yet respectable peek at her curvaceous bosom.  Pearls, a couple of pieces of strategically placed jewelry, and square-toed heels accessorized her nine-to-five Manhattan attire.

“Good morning,” Gunnar said, letting his eyes discreetly rake over this ravishing woman from head to toe.

She looked too young to have any day-time business with him. And she was no island girl; he instinctively knew that. A salesperson? Hardly. She didn’t have that look about her. Maybe she was there to apply for the Marketing Director’s position after all. But Pamela had said it was definitely not an interview.

Why had she come to Taribou Moon to see him?  Whatever the reason, Gunnar was pleasantly surprised to see the woman standing in front of him.

She was beautiful.

Her naturally seductive appearance was accented by a beautiful suit that showed off her shapely body; soft, black curls cascaded about her slight shoulders, and her caramel-colored skin glowed with slight perspiration … even her sweat aroused him.

Gunnar shifted from side to side, in effort to adjust the bulge knocking between his legs.  His eyes traveled the V from her jacket down to the curves of her breasts. This was a business meeting, he knew, but a vision of her ripe nipples -- the imprints of which were not being hidden very well by the light fabric of her suit -- in his mouth came to mind.   Gunnar put his hands in his pockets as he looked at her, trying hard not to stare.

Pointy high-heels added at least two and a half inches to her height, though it was easy to see she was not a tall woman. But there was something about her unwavering gaze, seemingly intent on not letting his presence make her nervous, let him know she was nobody’s little lady.

“Good morning, Mr. Davenport,” Ciara said, outstretching her right hand in her most professional manner.

“You can call me Gunnar,” the man said in a husky, sexy voice, reaching out to shake her hand.

The heat from her tiny palm made Gunnar stir.

As his broad, rigid hand touched hers, Ciara couldn't help but remember envisioning making love to him in her bathtub a week ago.


**NEW Romance Book Release** 
HEART'S DESIRE ... Under the Taribou Moon

Monday, April 14, 2014

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I hope you're having a great week!  Boy, the weekend flew by, but Monday got off to a roaring start in making up for lost time.  Visit me on Facebook at the following link: There are more updates on the author FB Fan Page. 

Right now, I'm working on my next romance novella, due out soon. I've been playing catch-up re: been busy as a bee coordinating work on my little cottage in Negril. 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your week!

Cassandra Black


Press Release:  New Interracial Romance Book (Press Release), "Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove"

"Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove" ...

New Interracial Romance Book Release, “Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove”

Author Cassandra Black has released a new romance book entitled “Finding Love inSweetwater Cove.” The novel weaves a tale of age-old secrets, a family land dispute, and forbidden love in the Deep South. See the book’s overview below.

Overview of Interracial Romance Novel

Heather-Anne McCreary has moved back home to Sweetwater Cove, a quaint Alabama town, after a tragic loss in Los Angeles. An old land dispute rears its ugly head again, just as romantic feelings begin to blossom between her and the handsome Jake Coleman, her neighbor, who's fighting to recover from his own personal loss. 

Will Heather-Anne and Jake's new friendship, forged by their similar pasts, be too little to overcome the feud that drove their families apart? Or will their mounting passion and need for each other be enough to transcend age-old differences and family secrets as they fight to live and love again? 

Read a Sample of “Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove”

To read a sample of the newly released “Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove” romance story, see



An Amazon BEST SELLER:   

This book is PART 3 (the final book) in the LOVING LOGAN mini romance series. Upon Part 1's initial release, it was an ***Amazon Best Seller,*** climbing to #1 in the Interracial and Multicultural Romance Books category and remaining for several days. 


Logan and Chelsea's relationship has survived personal twists and turns that seemed destined to tear them apart. But unconditional love and trust has kept them fastened together in the small town of Whisper Creek, Virginia.

In Part 3, as they get closer to their wedding date, everything seems to be falling into place magically. But right around the bend, trouble lurks down an unexpected path.

Will their vow to never leave each other's side be powerful enough to overcome a hurdle from Logan's past?

Or will one of them fall victim to unforeseen danger that could shatter their future before they ever have a chance to become husband and wife?

Please see overall introduction for the series below.

LOVING LOGAN Series Introduction

It's the holiday season, one week before Thanksgiving, and Chelsea Winters is moving from the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. to Whisper Creek, a small Virginia town on the outskirts of Norfolk.  Taking a detour in her career, she gets a waitressing job at the town's local diner to help make ends meet as she licks her wounds and starts over.

Chelsea doesn't expect to meet Logan Wilde, the handsome, sexy businessman who owns the diner and most of the small businesses in the area, including the largest paper mill on the East Coast. Logan is also the owner of the cottage she's renting on Arbor Lane. Chelsea knows getting involved with her landlord and her boss -- especially after what happened in D.C. -- might not be a good idea.

Logan knows there's more to Chelsea Winters than meets the eye.  He wanted her the second he saw her curvy, petite frame peering into his diner window early one morning before dawn.  Beautiful, smart, fiery, she reminds him of his mother, his father's mistress, who he believes abandoned him as a child to escape small-town living for the big city.

What's a big city girl doing in a small town like Whisper Creek? Logan wonders what Chelsea's running from in D.C., and how long she plans to stay in Whisper Creek.  He wants her in his world -- and it has nothing to do with her working in his diner.

Find all Parts on Amazon in Kindle Format

PART 1:  Amazon --

PART 2:  Amazon --

PART 3:  Amazon --

Find Parts 1 and 2 on Barnes & Noble in NOOK Format

PART 1: Barnes and Noble --

PART 2: Barnes and Noble --

PART 3:  Check for Part 3 on BN in 24-48 hours.

Author's Note:  PART 3 is the final book in the Loving Logan mini romance series.


Cassandra Black
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