Monday, May 13, 2013

God has given us another beautiful morning in Jamaica. Full day of writing ...

God has given us another beautiful morning -- Jamaica is gorgeous today. Full day of writing. The instinct is to market, but the urge is to write, so I will follow the urge. Besides, my characters are just babbling away in my ear. Hope to finish by 4 pm to go for my walk and check on my new land lot.

Caribbean Cottage Move
New land lot: I have to move my Caribbean cottage to a new spot. Just sick about this; heartbroken, really re: losing my ocean view, not to mention all the concrete and blocks used on the initial lot. But the owner is selling the leased land where I started the cottage. (Leasing goes against every fiber of my being but not rich so this is the route to make my dream of retiring early in the Caribbean come true. This setback is a reminder that until you own, it's really never yours. But I will make this work. Owner said he'd compensate me when he sells.)

Finding the Positive

The bright side: The new lot is much bigger and over 70% cheaper -- I just can't see the water unless I walk down the path and go past Rick's Cafe (, steps down the road from my lane.  Still Negril, still pretty, but God has guided me in a new direction for this project. I can move with His decisions ... faith, you know ... faith. And not a bad alternative to be in this paradise. Will just take my time and get cottage situated. My mind is turning, turning, turning ... this may one day be my income-producing "writers' rental."

No worries ... make it work, Cassandra. Turn it around and make it work ...

Debris Removal from Negril Lot

Today, having a little cleaning done on the new lot. Already have two sides of the fence run. Debris removal this week. Will check on progress end of day, then stop by and pay a bar tab I ran up over the weekend.

If you're a mom, I hope you had a super Sunday. I "celebrated" on Saturday and simply relaxed on Sunday. You know, Lifetime movies and Law and Order SVU kinda day. Restful …  Highlight was talking to Mitchell, my handsome son -- can't believe he'll be 20 next month. Wow ... 20 years ago this time ... goes too fast.
Writing Time ...
Okay, off to my characters now. Inside the hotel villa now, but will move to verandah to enjoy the breeze in a few.
Enjoy your day, and make some good stuff happen.
Cassandra Black



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