Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Need to sweat out the "devil's juice" so my mind is clear to write today ...

Hope you're having a great morning.  I'm checking email, mapping day, handling admin for my writing and publishing business (

Preparing to head down toward Negril roundabout for breakfast in just a bit. Forgot to pick up coffee yesterday for villa, so that has changed pattern of day.  Breakfast (need coffee!), at likely Juicy J's Restaurant.  Then, approx. 15-mile walk down Beach Road and beyond, toward Hanover, and back.  I'm not ready but gotta do it and will be glad I did when it's over. (You NEVER regret exercise.)

Need to sweat, sweat, sweat, re, let's just say I had TOO MUCH fun and Jamaican rum at 3 Dives Jerk Center last night listening to reggae music by the sea. Need to sweat out the "devil's juice" so my mind is clear to write.  Wow, what a great local band at 3 Dives!  Too much fun! Please pray for a sistah in what is sure to be a hot walk once that Caribbean sun gets to blaring. Enjoooooy your day -- you deserve it -- and make some good stuff happen!  

Cassandra Black
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3 Dives -- Great place for good food, good music, and the devil's juice (err, Jamaican rum!).

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