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Love After Hours: Multicultural Romance

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BN NOOK Versions:  #multiculturalromance, Love After Hours and the SPIN-OFF Love After Capture

Love After Hours: Multicultural Romance, (also see spin-off, Love After Capture


Love After Hours

Drake Barrington had a thing for women of color … their caring nature, strength, sensibilities … and their natural sexiness. It must have come from his daddy, a Superior Court Judge in a wealthy hamlet of Rhode Island. He remembered growing up in his daddy’s household. Barrington Senior had numerous sexual interludes with the young women who worked in his judicial offices -- and with the long-time domestic who worked in their Newport manor.

How could he deny the lust that oozed from his very being when he was in the midst of a beauty it seemed the heavens had created, just for him? He couldn't keep his eyes off Trina Madison, the new paralegal temp with the shapely curves and pert bosom, who’d just started at his law firm. She had been placed in his department: Government Liaison. There was a lot of work to do, but Drake knew many of Trina’s duties would have little to do with the shenanigans of political affairs. 

Trina Madison accepted the assignment at Barrington, Jacobs and Matthews as soon as the employment agency called. Of course she did; she had no choice. Her Atlanta condo was two steps from foreclosure, and she had just turned her prized, black BMW back over to the dealership. She loved that car, but the hefty salary she had enjoyed at her last job had come to a screeching halt after the layoff. 


“That’s my boss?” Trina thought, the first day on the job. Drake Barrington looked like he’d been plucked from the pages of an athletic magazine. Her silky panties had all but melted, and her dark, ripe nipples grew hard when she first laid eyes on the hulking creature. 

Secret glances, comments with double meaning, accidental brushes of the hand, shoulder, leg, in tight spots in the elevator, conference room, hallway, were the beginning embers of an inevitable wildfire just about to get its wind …

But nothing ever escaped the attention of Priscilla, Drake’s soon-to-be ex-wife. No matter they were estranged, he was still her husband! This new hire had just better watch her step, or she would soon meet the same fate as that of that stupid Cynthia Taylor and her unborn child. 


Will Trina and Drake have a chance to explore feelings that are fast-blossoming into something beyond physical cravings; or will Priscilla destroy them before they discover a love that could last an eternity?



Multicultural Romance / Interracial Romance / Erotic Romance / BWWM Romance / Short Romance / Steamy Romance / Erotica / Suspense Romance


Overview of the the SPIN-OFF Overview: Love After Capture

NOTE: This book is a "spinoff" of Love After Hours,

Cynthia Taylor has a tragic past, only pieces of which she can remember. Struggling to uncover the mystery of her old life has been keeping her from trusting, living, loving -- until she meets the handsome Jimmy McGregor in the North Georgia Mountain town of Jessup Station.


Jimmy McGregor, a loner, who has a reputation of being somewhat stand-offish, a little rough around the edges, has been closed to the idea of love since his wife was snatched from him too soon. His retreat since Mary Ellen’s death has been the solitude of the mountains -- until he meets Cynthia Taylor working in Miss Margie’s nursery and feed store. 


As glimpses of Cynthia’s past slowly begin to filter back in, will the memories help bring two kindred spirits in search of a new start closer together; or will secrets, losses, and a love from Cynthia’s old world tear them apart just as they are beginning to discover a happiness they thought would last an eternity?


Chapter 1

It was early morning in Jessup Station, a tiny mountain town about 75 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. The scenic, antique-shop filled hamlet sat at the edge of Lake Lazarus, a glistening body of water at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Jimmy McGregor, the owner of an area landscaping business, was loading two dozen bags of red mulch onto an orange pushcart at the back of the nursery and feed store. He glanced up at the woman behind the register near the front of the store. 

She was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen. 

Her boxy, white work smock did little to hide her noticeably curvy frame. Dark ringlets hung loose about her shoulders, as if strategically placed to hide her delicate face. But Jimmy could see behind her curly locks. Warm, brown, doe-like eyes glanced in his direction, and darted away as quickly as they’d landed on him. It was almost as if she were afraid to let her stare connect with his. Her eyes, in just that second, reflected feelings in his own heart; ones that reared up too often, reminding him of a fullness in life he once had that he feared he’d never get back again.

Jimmy dismissed the thought as he flipped the last bag of mulch from his broad shoulders and started rolling the cart toward register. Pushing his dark cowboy hat back on his head, he waved out the Plexiglas door at the waitress he knew from his mother’s diner on the outskirts of town. Miss Lucinda’s wrinkled brown face eagerly peeked out of her little station wagon window into the nursery. She craned her neck to see as she slowed her car all the way down. Her lips curled into an approving smile as she watched Jimmy McGregor eying the pretty girl behind the counter. Finally, she pulled out onto Main Street and drove toward the farmers market in the distance.

“Hi,” Jimmy said, staring at Cynthia as he approached the register. 

“Hi.” Cynthia Taylor’s eyes met his, then darted back down to grab the cordless scanner in front of her. Moving from behind the register, she began to scan the mountain of bags on his pushcart. 

“Twenty four,” Jimmy said, motioning to the mulch. “Here’s the tag so you don’t have to worry about scanning each one.”

“I have to scan them,” Cynthia said. “They look alike, but they come from different vendors.”

Jimmy nodded and slid the tag he’d yanked from one of the bags back into the pocket of his plaid shirt. “Suit yourself.”

Cynthia didn’t look up at him. She carried on with her work, in a nonchalant manner, as if his striking muscular frame and handsome, chiseled face had not caught her eye. 

Jimmy watched as she worked. Her methodical movements, small hands, intent gaze … it seemed the only thing that mattered was the work in front of her. After Cynthia finished each bag, she walked back around to her register, her eyes avoiding his ...


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Cassandra Black

Cassandra Black, Author / Publisher
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FREE BOOK -- Samantha's Cravings -- Contemporary Romance, Cassandra Black

Samantha's Cravings -- Contemporary Romance, Cassandra Black,

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After a while, things had gotten back to normal. The children forgot she’d hollered at them, Leroy seemed to forget they’d argued, and they fell back into their daily family routine: Leroy’s landscaping business and Samantha’s struggle to keep her business afloat, tend the house and manage the children. 

But Samantha did not forget the little nuggets missing in her marriage. She needed her husband to come up behind her and kiss her on the neck sometimes; she needed him to tell her about his day, and ask about hers; she wanted him to listen to her when she talked, instead of changing the subject in the middle of her sentences; she wanted him to tell his big-ass family, “No, we can’t come over this weekend, because I’m spending quality time with my wife and kids.”; she longed for him to say, “Get dressed baby, we’re going out to dinner, so I can have some alone time with you.”; and, yes, she needed him to send her flowers on some other day than damn Valentine’s Day. 

Things had gotten back to normal, and that was not necessarily a good thing. 

There was a loneliness growing inside of Samantha, laced with a lingering distrust. She was woman, and she had needs beyond the physical that were blossoming into cravings; yearnings that had grown from quiet internal whispers, to deafening screams … cravings she could no longer ignore. 

And then she saw Frank, again, after all those years. 

Cassandra Black

Cassandra Black, Author / Publisher
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Author Interview Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove

Author Interview

I just finished giving an author interview about the "Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove" romance novel series for a social media outlet. See below for more insight about the Sweetwater Cove books.


Note: This interview was previously published July 2015.

Tell us a bit about yourself.  Bio Excerpt:  CASSANDRA BLACK specializes in writing mini romance novels. Born and raised in the South, she just recently transitioned her business to the Caribbean -- a dream come true. The proud mother of a U.S. Serviceman, Cassandra is now settling into the second phase of her life, writing by the sea. Visit for her romance novels. 

Describe the plot of your new book in a few sentences.  Series Overview:  After almost two decades, Heather-Anne McCreary moves back to her hometown of Sweetwater Cove, Alabama (after experiencing a tragic loss in Los Angeles), and ultimately finds love with Jake Coleman, a man she’s loved since she was a young girl.

What inspired you to write a story about a woman who moves back to her hometown and finds love with her childhood crush?  Remembering my tiny hometown in Alabama and the strong, proud, salt-of-the-earth men in my community.  

What attracts them to each other?  First, the physical, of course. Heather-Anne and Jake have been attracted to each other since they were children, running around in the country together -- and it has not waned over the years. Also, their attraction is spawned by a similar upbringing in a small southern town.  Further, after being apart for years, they have both experienced loss and pain, yet they still maintain the desire to love and be loved.

What are some of the challenges Heather and Jake face in their relationship? Forgiveness, fear.

Who was your favorite character to write? In general, I love writing about women who ultimately overcome hurdles (external and those deep within) to find love and happiness, which is what drew me to both Heather-Anne, the heroine in Sweetwater Cove, and her cousin, Taylor -- who is a hoot! The leading men in my love stories are never perfect; always flawed, yet they are strong (though often vulnerable), proud, kind, giving, protective, and of course, sexy as hell … that would be Jake Coleman in this romance novel.

Tell us a bit about your creative process, from initial idea to published manuscript. My characters control everything. They take over whatever “creative process” or direction I think I want to follow when I have an idea for a new book, and there was no exception in penning Sweetwater Cove. The characters just pull me along (ie, “Taylor”), and I’ve learned to just let them. It always makes for a better story.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of ebooks? I love ebooks. When I first started writing, I bucked the idea of ebooks for a bit (long history in book publishing industry, from legal to fiction). I have a few print titles reflective of my mindset in those early days. But now, I can’t imagine a world without e-publishing. It’s the way people read, and I feel blessed to be a contributor!

Is there any aspect of writing you don't like? As an artist, I do have lulls where it seems I just can’t get going. But when I just open the darn document and type “Chapter 1,” the magic begins. All in all, I truly eat, sleep and breathe writing, and I feel blessed to be able to “feed myself” --- on a Caribbean island, no less, doing something I love.

What do you have in mind for your next project? I am currently working on a spinoff novel from my recent romance release, “Montana Love.” (Read a free sample of the existing title: 

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book? ?The Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove romance novel series ( is a good, old-fashioned love story, set in a small southern town, with twists and turns that introduce a few other very memorable characters. I hope you enjoy Part 3!  Cassandra Black


The Full Romance Novel Series:

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, Part 1,

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, Part 2,

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, Bundle (Parts 1 and 2 Combined),

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, Part 3,

Cassandra Black, Author, 2015
Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove -- Multicultural Romance, Cassandra Black,

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove  

3 Book Series

#MulticulturalRomance, #KindleRomance, Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove  

(3 Book Series)

Cassandra Black, Author / Publisher
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