Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good morning!

Good Saturday morning! I'm wide-eyed -- but not so bushy tailed this morning. Pulled an almost all-nighter, but not on purpose. A call re: meeting with contractor about fence work at cottage woke me last night, and I never could get back to sleep. Tried, in vain, so I got on up and got to work. Solid night of work, so no complaints:

EARLY PROOF BACK: Received the proof back for Loving a Country Man, Part 2 -- yes! -- and updated with changes. Soooo, release of this one may be even earlier than Thanksgiving Day. Stay tuned ... See for more details about this release.

SOURCING NEW AUTHORS: Sourcing new authors for another holiday release. (My 
publishing company recently started acquiring manuscripts from other authors.) Think I've found her, fingers crossed ...

**FREE KINDLE BOOK PROMO: Here's a free Kindle book promo for you: FINDING LOVE IN SWEETWATER COVE, Multicultural Romance, Sun. Nov 16 - Mon. Nov 17, This novella weaves a tale of age-old secrets, a family land dispute, and forbidden love in the Deep South ... See details ...

Couple more hours of work before taking laundry up to place on cliffs, meeting with fence contractor at my little cottage in Negril --, and some much needed exercise on Beach Road. (Music wafting up the hill from 7 Mile Beach was pretty loud last night, so I'm dying to see all the new tourists who've filtered into Negril -- We're right upon high season in Jamaica, and it's like night and day in this little country beach town during the season.)

Okay, coffee, coffee, coffee. Enjoy your day, and thank you for stopping by my blog! 

Cassandra Black
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