Friday, November 28, 2014

Highly Anticipated Multicultural Romance Novel from Cassandra Black is Now Up for Grabs

Press Release:

Loving a Country Man (PART 2): Highly Anticipated Multicultural Romance Novel from Cassandra Black is Now Up for Grabs

November 28, 2014, United States - Cassandra Black is pleased to announce the launch of her new multicultural romance novel “Loving a Country Man (PART 2)” exclusively on This new novel is the second installment in the series, published by Stone Cottage Books.

According to Author Cassandra Black, “The first part of Loving a Country Man, which takes place in a rural Colorado mountain town, was written as a stand-alone book. But readers wanted more of Raven and Dallas, so I happily penned part 2!”

While so many multicultural romance novels follow a rigid and repetitive format, Cassandra Black’s latest release stands out in the genre as something totally unique. Her second book in the “Loving a Country Man” series does away with the stereotypical characters and plots, instead opting for a narrative that focuses on the "realistic, real-life" circumstances and emotions of the couple "beyond" the honeymoon phase of a romance.


Raven Monroe and Dallas Kincaid's journey to love continues in PART 2 as Raven returns to Gin River, a small, Colorado mountain town, to marry Dallas. But a family crisis presents circumstances no one could have foreseen. To make matters worse, Dallas’ old lover, Hope Leland, returns with a “surprise” of her own that just may be the last straw for Raven. Will family drama be too overwhelming for Raven and Dallas’ relationship? Will Hope Leland’s announcement ultimately drive Raven from Dallas’ life forever? Or will their love overcome all obstacles and give them both the one thing they’ve been searching for all of their lives?


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