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Realistic Character Portrayals in Romance Novel Writing

Realistic Character Portrayals in Romance Novel Writing

Loving a Country Man, Part 2, New Multicultural Romance Book

The second installment of the contemporary, multicultural romance novel, Loving a Country Man, authored by Cassandra Black, has been published by Stone Cottage Books.


The second part of the popular, multicultural romance novel, Loving a Country Man, has just been released by Stone Cottage Books.

According to Author Cassandra Black, “The first part of Loving a Country Man, which takes place in a rural Colorado mountain town, was written as a stand-alone book. But readers wanted more of Raven and Dallas, so I happily penned part 2!”

Realistic Portrayal

This contemporary romance novella explores some real issues that will hit home with a lot of women today.

For example, Raven Monroe, the heroine, is a new mother in part two of this romance series.  As such, she gives up her life in the fast-paced city of Manhattan to move to a small, country town to be with her fiancĂ©, Dallas Kincaid.

The love story gives readers a close look at Raven’s world -- and emotional state -- as a new, stay-at-home mom, which suddenly encompasses daily duties that are the direct opposite of those she enjoyed as an independent, free-spirited businesswoman in New York City.  

The author pulls no punches as she delves into the realistic effects uprooting oneself -- and new motherhood -- can have on a new relationship.

Beyond ‘Happily Ever After’

In many romance novels, readers don't get to experience the characters’ realities beyond ‘happily ever after.’ However, in Loving a Country Man, Part 2, the author delves into the heroine’s emotions beyond the love she feels for the man she hopes to wed.

According to Ms. Black, “As a romance writer, I've always believed ‘contemporary’ romance should explore ‘contemporary’ issues.  As such, I try to write in a truthful, realistic way so my readers can really relate to my characters.  And based on much of the feedback I receive, I think I'm hitting a nerve. It is a fine line, because it’s hard to trump ‘happily ever after.’ But it can be done, and it doesn't mean the traditional romance formula has to be compromised.”

Book Overview -- Loving a Country Man

Part 1: Raven is in Gin River for her friend Amanda Taggart’s wedding. “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” seems to be her destiny -- until she meets a simple, country man from the farm around the bend from Taggart Ranch. After just a little while, Raven realizes there’s more to the handsome farmer than meets the eye. 

Part 2Raven Monroe and Dallas Kincaid's journey to love continues in Loving a Country Man, Part 2, as Raven returns to Gin River to marry Dallas. But a family crisis presents circumstances no one could have foreseen. Will family drama be too overwhelming for Raven and Dallas’ relationship?  Or will their love overcome all obstacles and give them both the one thing they’ve been searching for all of their lives?

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