Saturday, November 15, 2014

**FREE** Kindle Book Promo -- Sunday Nov 16 - Monday Nov 17, FINDING LOVE IN SWEETWATER COVE

**FREE** Kindle Book Promotion**

FINDING LOVE IN SWEETWATER COVE, Multicultural Romance, Sun. Nov 16 - Mon. Nov 17,

Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove weaves a tale of age-old secrets, a family land dispute, and forbidden love in the Deep South. See book overview below.

**FREE** Kindle Book Promotion** FINDING LOVE IN SWEETWATER COVE, Multicultural Romance, Sun. Nov 16 - Mon. Nov 17,

Book Overview:

Heather-Anne McCreary has moved back home to Sweetwater Cove, a quaint Alabama town, after a tragic loss in Los Angeles. An old land dispute rears its ugly head again, just as romantic feelings begin to blossom between her and the handsome Jake Coleman, her neighbor, who's fighting to recover from his own personal loss. 

Will Heather-Anne and Jake's new friendship, forged by their similar pasts, be too little to overcome the feud that drove their families apart? Or will their mounting passion and need for each other be enough to transcend age-old differences and family secrets as they fight to live and love again? 


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