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Working on Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, PART 3

Working on Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, PART 3, out next week. Read Parts 1 & 2 now: Look for PART 3 next week. 

**POST UPDATE:  Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, PART 3, has been released on Amazon & BN. 

See for the Kindle book. 

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SERIES OVERVIEW -- Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove 

Heather-Anne McCreary has moved back home to Sweetwater Cove, a quaint Alabama town, after a tragic loss in Los Angeles. An old land dispute rears its ugly head again, just as romantic feelings begin to blossom between her and the handsome Jake Coleman, her neighbor, who's fighting to recover from his own personal loss. 

Will Heather-Anne and Jake's new friendship, forged by their similar pasts, be too little to overcome the feud that drove their families apart? Or will their mounting passion and need for each other be enough to transcend age-old differences and family secrets as they fight to live and love again? 


As Jake Coleman walked toward her, she surprised herself even thinking about another man. It had been almost three years since her Robert had left this earth. And since then, she hadn't once considered anyone else in her life – not until today. Her eyes widened and her stomach did somersaults as the handsome, rugged man got closer. Thick waves of shoulder-length black hair were secured from his face by a chocolate cowboy. Her eyes immediately went to his ring finger. 

No ring. 

"Ma'am," he said, tipping the hat, as he almost strode past her. 

Her heart sank. "Good morning," she uttered, disappointed Jake Coleman did not recognize her. Foolish girl, she thought, feeling like a jilted teenager all over again. She chastised herself like she used to when she'd flirted in front of him and he hadn't noticed at all. 

Jake spun back around. "Heather-Anne?" he asked, pushing the hat back from his eyes. "My goodness, Little Heather-Anne!" 

"Jake Coleman," she said, smiling wide as she stood up from the bench to greet him. 

His pulse quickened as he took in her sensual frame. Letting his eyes travel over her pert bosom down to her narrow waist, he tried to control the rise inside of him. 

Heather-Anne noticed the slight whispers of salt-and-pepper strands at his temples, disappearing under the cowboy hat. He had gotten even sexier with age. She knew Jake couldn't be more than 42 or 43. He was only a few years older than she was. There was a noticeable, distinguished quality about him as a man that she hadn't seen as a teenager. 

Jake's eyes brightened and consumed her, knowing full well who she was from the second he drove up: the way she sat, with her soft, shapely legs properly folded, one dangling over the other; the way she pretended to be gazing intently at the newspaper in front of her as she was taking in everything in her peripheral vision; the way she fingered the wisps of soft, brown curls in her tiny, white-tipped fingers and pushed them gently from her delicately shaped face; and the way emerald eyes framed by long batting lashes seemed to dance when they landed on him. He knew Heather-Anne McCreary well. 

He'd pictured her many nights over the past several years. 

"Well I'll be," he said, instinctively picking her up and twirling her around. 

"Put me down," Jake Coleman, she laughed. "Jake Coleman, put me down!" Heather-Anne giggled some more, surprised at the sound of her own laughter. 


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