Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UPDATE: Amazon Fixed Issue with Person Using My Name


Amazon Swift!

Hi again, everyone. Just a heads up that Amazon has taken care of the seeming fraudster I reported about using my name on their books. Amazon was responsive and swift.  Whew! I can breathe now. Remember, my books will always have "Stone Cottage Books" on the interior copyright pages.

Jamaica Travel and Writing

In the thick of a full day of travel, headed back to Jamaica today. Up since before midnight re: red-eye flight and long drive from small GA town middle of night to catch plane in ATL. In Florida now, on layover, writing (gimme laptop and a signal and I can work). God is good. Traveled wee hours without incident, and first leg was very comfortable. Should be hovering over Caribbean in a bit -- and not a moment too soon re: have Montego Bay and Kingston running around to do later in week re: writing and publishing biz. 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day, and thank you for your readership. Have another hour of writing before boarding ... new releases coming soon!



Cassandra Black
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