Monday, June 15, 2015

**Alert** Someone Appears To Be Fraudulently Using My Name -- Cassandra Black -- on Their Books

Alert -- Someone Appears To Be Fraudulently Using My Name -- Cassandra Black -- On Their Books (SEE NEW UPDATE BELOW.)

Hi everyone. I hope your week is going well.

ALERT -- Just a quick alert: Someone appears to be fraudulently using my name -- CASSANDRA BLACK -- on their books.  I've discovered what appears to be fraud on two of their short BWWM books. Please note, my books are ALWAYS copyrighted with Stone Cottage Books on the inside. One book in particular they've actually put "Beyonce White" as the author on the cover, but used CASSANDRA BLACK in the author section on Amazon, apparently so it shows up in the searches. I don't want you, as my readers, to think this is my writing. Amazon has been alerted as a first step to stop this practice.

Please look for my Stone Cottage Books copyright on the inside during your "Look Inside" sneak peek of books on Amazon. If there is no "Look Inside" preview so you can see this -- certainly a couple of days after a new release -- this is another indicator that this is NOT my work. Just a heads up so you get the work for which you're paying.

Have a super day, and thank you for being a fan of my books.   New releases coming soon!

Cassandra Black


Amazon Fixed Issue with Person Using My Name

Amazon Swift!

Hi again, everyone. Just a heads up that Amazon has taken care of the seeming fraudster I reported about using my name on their books. Amazon was responsive and swift.  Whew! I can breathe now. Remember, my books will always have "Stone Cottage Books" on the interior copyright pages.

Jamaica Travel and Writing

In the thick of a full day of travel, headed back to Jamaica today. Up since before midnight re: red-eye flight and long drive from small GA town middle of night to catch plane in ATL. In Florida now, on layover, writing (gimme laptop and a signal and I can work). God is good. Traveled wee hours without incident, and first leg was very comfortable. Should be hovering over Caribbean in a bit -- and not a moment too soon re: have Montego Bay and Kingston running around to do later in week re: writing and publishing biz. 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day, and thank you for your readership. Have another hour of writing before boarding ... new releases coming soon! 

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