Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Managed to walk a few miles shy of twenty this weekend .... whew!

Walked My Butt Off this Weekend ...

I hope your week started off on the right foot today. Pretty good on this end. Walked "mi" behind off this weekend -- it was a mental test of sorts ... I managed to complete a few miles shy of 20. Getting older (pushing 50 ... 47 and counting!) so I felt EVERY step in Carib sun. But it was a good workout, all over Negri ... Deep West, "hills," beyond 7-mile Beach, roundabout, home. Fun and exhausting ... 

Three New Books in the Works

Let's see, I have three new projects in the works -- one of which is an African American "traditional" romance that I'm very excited about releasing. I've written AA fiction before, but NOT traditional romance. Can't wait to finish this one. Just going with the flow of the characters, so watch for new releases here, or sign up for the mailing list at cassandrablack100{AT}gmail dot com. 


"Likkle" more work (practicing mi patwah since I'm planted firmly in the country and starting to feel like a Jamerican, as we're called)!  Going thru work permit second year renewal process, tax compliance, etc., so finally embracing my new home fully.  Right in thick of it, but I digress. Sorry. "Likkle" more work, then CNN and bed. I'm tired. 

Thank you for stopping by my author blog. Enjoy your evening! http://www.amazon.com/Cassandra-Black/e/B005BU7Y44


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