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"Samantha's Cravings" (Stone Cottage Books African American Fiction)

Stone Cottage Books African American Fiction

Samantha's Cravings


After a while, things had gotten back to normal. The children forgot she’d hollered at them, Leroy seemed to forget they’d argued, and they fell back into their daily family routine: Leroy’s landscaping business and Samantha’s struggle to keep her business afloat, tend the house and manage the children. 

But Samantha did not forget the little nuggets missing in her marriage. She needed her husband to come up behind her and kiss her on the neck sometimes; she needed him to tell her about his day, and ask about hers; she wanted him to listen to her when she talked, instead of changing the subject in the middle of her sentences; she wanted him to tell his big-ass family, “No, we can’t come over this weekend, because I’m spending quality time with my wife and kids.”; she longed for him to say, “Get dressed baby, we’re going out to dinner, so I can have some alone time with you.”; and, yes, she needed him to send her flowers on some other day than damn Valentine’s Day. 

Things had gotten back to normal, and that was not necessarily a good thing. 

There was a loneliness growing inside of Samantha, laced with a lingering distrust. She was woman, and she had needs beyond the physical that were blossoming into cravings; yearnings that had grown from quiet internal whispers, to deafening screams … cravings she could no longer ignore. 

And then she saw Frank, again, after all those years. 


Samantha’s Cravings is a fictional story told from the perspective of a New Orleans-based African-American woman journeying through marriage and the familiar midlife crisis more often associated with men. 

It's a novel about love lost, love found, temptation, deception, and consequences. There are no villains, heroes, or damsels in distress. 
This author believes many women have traveled the journey of infidelity but have chosen not to speak of it as it was -- or perhaps still is. 


"When I first started this book, I researched the Internet high and low for insight on writing about infidelity -- from a woman’s point of view. The Bridges of Madison County didn’t even pop up. Does it have a different label when the gender is woman? Or, is the meaning something other than what perhaps our husbands, fathers, uncles, and brothers have experienced? Alas, Samantha, and her silent cravings, right or wrong, come to life." Cassandra Black 
a/k/a Amber Creek (pen name) 


Cassandra Black, Author / Publisher
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