Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bankers' Hours Today .... re: it's somebody's birthday and she's 7! Happy Birthday, little one!

Hope to get out early today. My sis' little "practically" adopted Jamaican daughter's 7th Birthday is today. That means I'm auntie! Shh!! Going for ice cream in Negril on West End. Should be fun.

Caribbean Sea is gorgeous, so perfect day for "bankers' hours" with big sis and Miss D. There she is at younger age in pic kissing Sponge Bob. Think she was four in this photo. They grow so fast. Happy Birthday, little missy! Love you. Miss Cassandra

                As smart as she is cute! 

One of her birthday celebrations 
with Big Sis, Yuwanda Black

Boat ride (Mike's Glass Bottom Boat)
with me and big sis celebrating on her birthday.

Big sis, Yuwanda Black, and Miss D. Toooo cute!

One of her birthday celebrations in Negril, Booby Cay, 
having lobster. She's hiding behind me from the 
man with the big live lobster before they put it on the grill. 

Happy 7th, little one!  You deserve all God's goodness! 


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