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New Romance Novel “FINDING NICHOLAS” Tackles Growing Problem Amongst Middle-aged Women

New Romance Novel “FINDING NICHOLAS” Tackles Growing Problem Amongst Middle-aged Women

Stone Cottage Books has released another no-holds-barred contemporary romance novella entitled “Finding Nicholas.” This multicultural romance, which takes place in Old San Juan, is unique in that the heroine is middle-aged -- and she’s flawed. 

Brianna Brennan’s disease is alcoholism, and it is affecting a growing number of middle-aged women across the United States.

Contemporary Romance Tackling Contemporary Issues

According to Cassandra Black, co-author, and owner of Stone Cottage Books, “I’m a strong believer in the notion that contemporary romance stories should tackle contemporary issues, and “Finding Nicholas” does that. But the novella tackles the sensitive topic in a way that does not compromise the expected romance formula -- damsel in distress being rescued by a strong, compassionate, sexy hero.”

The book also offers a subplot that showcases the handsome hero, Nicholas San Rios, who has a curious past; one that could either alienate Brianna, or give the pair a chance at a relationship that could lead to happily ever after. See

Alarming Statistics:  Middle-aged Women and Alcohol

According to a recent headline in the New York Daily News (Binge Drinking Most Likely to Kill Middle-aged Americans), “Six Americans die from alcohol poisoning every day, a new CDC study said. Three out of four of those people are between ages 35 and 64.”

Per Everyday Health, the study also concluded, “The number of women in their 40′s and 50′s who are drinking too much is climbing …”

There are several factors leading to the rise in alcohol assumption by middle-aged women. One theory is “women slide from happiness highs in their early twenties to their lowest point in their 40’s.”

See “What’s Wrong with Middle-Aged Women?” an editorial on noted author Caroline Adams Miller’s (MAAP) website at that discusses the research phenomena known as the U-Shaped Curve.

Read Free Sample of Read “Finding Nicholas”

Read a free sample of “Finding Nicholas” on Amazon at

Second Work by Author Duo

“Finding Nicholas” is the second multicultural romance book by the Cassandra Black and Gin Adams author pair. Their first novella, “Lunch Mates: Sex and the Work Week,” a short, steamy contemporary romance, was recently released on Amazon in Kindle format. See

 About the Publisher of “Finding Nicholas”

Stone Cottage Books is a boutique e-publishing company. The firm publishes primarily contemporary romance novels and novellas.  In addition to traditional romance, the book publisher’s growing catalog of mini novels often depicts middle-aged heroes and heroines. 

To find more books by Stone Cottage Books, Cassandra Black and various other co-authors, visit or Stone Cottage Books online.


Binge Drinking Most Likely to Kill Middle-aged Americans, CDC Says (NY Daily News)

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What’s Wrong With Middle-Aged Women – A New “Problem with No Name”? (Caroline Miller Coaching, LLC)


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