Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Release -- LUNCH MATES: "Sex and the Work Week" (Multicultural EROTIC Romance)

New Book Release -- LUNCH MATES:  "Sex and the Work Week" (Multicultural Erotic Romance),

Lunch Mates is the first "mini" in the Stone Cottage Books new line of short, steamy "Sex and the Work Week" romances. 

Who says lunch can’t be a little risqué? 



... The next morning I dressed very carefully. Sexy silk panties and matching black lace bra. Garter belt hose. Tight rayon shift in canary yellow, the one with the plunging neckline, the slit up the side. Five inch fuckme heels. I spent an hour on my hair. And ten minutes deciding on a scent. I fussed until I looked damn good. 

My boss was going to be out all morning, otherwise I would have worn something more subtle. 

I got looks from the boys in shipping. And the boss’s personal assistant made a wow face and gave a low whistle when I walked past her desk. 

“Monica, girl, you look awesome. You lose weight?” 

"I wish." 

My mind wasn't on my work or anywhere near it, so the morning plodded. I could only handle so much. A few simple redesigns for the new website, form responses to a slew of old, unimportant emails. Stuff I usually did on the weekend or late at night when I only needed half a brain. Right now, that was all I had. 

At eleven-forty, I stood up and headed for the door, my purse under my arm. My heart drummed in my ears. My mouth was full of dust. I reminded myself that I needed this, that I needed a lusty afternoon with an attractive stranger. I’d been dry way too long ... 

# # #

(Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance, BWWM, BBW, Erotica) 


Cassandra Black
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Cassandra Black
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