Monday, May 12, 2014

Working on Love After CAPTURE ...

Love After Hours Spinoff Coming Soon

I hope your week is off to a great start. I'm working on "Love After Capture," the spinoff to "Love After Hours" -- (Lite Erotica / Steamy Romance). Hope to tie it up in a few days. 

Busy Week Ahead

Busy week ahead, but off on "write" foot. Enjoy yours, and THANK YOU for stopping by my author blog! (Okay, back to Cynthia Taylor -- who's just laid eyes on the handsome Jimmy McGregor for the first time ...)

Cassandra Black

Overview -- Love After Hours 

Drake Barrington had a thing for women of color … their caring nature, strength, sensibilities … and their natural sexiness. It must have come from his daddy, a Superior Court Judge in a wealthy hamlet of Rhode Island. He remembered growing up in his daddy’s household. Barrington Senior had numerous sexual interludes with the young women who worked in his judicial offices -- and with the long-time domestic who worked in their Newport manor. 

How could he deny the lust that oozed from his very being when he was in the midst of a beauty it seemed the heavens had created, just for him? He couldn't keep his eyes off Trina Madison, the new paralegal temp with the shapely curves and pert bosom, who’d just started at his law firm. She had been placed in his department: Government Liaison. There was a lot of work to do, but Drake knew many of Trina’s duties would have little to do with the shenanigans of political affairs. 
*** Trina Madison accepted the assignment at Barrington, Jacobs and Matthews as soon as the employment agency called. Of course she did; she had no choice. Her Atlanta condo was two steps from foreclosure, and she had just turned her prized, black BMW back over to the dealership. She loved that car, but the hefty salary she had enjoyed at her last job had come to a screeching halt after the layoff. 
“That’s my boss?” Trina thought, the first day on the job. Drake Barrington looked like he’d been plucked from the pages of an athletic magazine. Her silky panties had all but melted, and her dark, ripe nipples grew hard when she first laid eyes on the hulking creature. 
Secret glances, comments with double meaning, accidental brushes of the hand, shoulder, leg, in tight spots in the elevator, conference room, hallway, were the beginning embers of an inevitable wildfire just about to get its wind … 
*** But nothing ever escaped the attention of Priscilla, Drake’s soon-to-be ex-wife. No matter they were estranged, he was still her husband! This new hire had just better watch her step, or she would soon meet the same fate as that of that stupid Cynthia Taylor and her unborn child. 
Will Trina and Drake have a chance to explore feelings that are fast-blossoming into something beyond physical cravings; or will Priscilla destroy them before they discover a love that could last an eternity? 


Multicultural Romance / Interracial Romance / Erotic Romance / BWWM Romance / Short Romance / Steamy Romance / Erotica / Suspense Romance

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