Monday, May 5, 2014

Got my 7-mile walk out of way down Beach Road. At Canoe's, writing ...

I hope your week is going well. Got my walk out of way down Beach Road. At Canoe's ( working, until big sis, Yuwanda Black (, meets me after her hair appointment. 

Hot this morning in Negril! I mean, that walk (7 miles today) kicked my butt. Getting "crunchy" as I get older, but it feels good anyway. Can't wait to hook up with sis end of day. 

Well, let me get back to it. On laptop -- and NOT at the table where I can plug up -- somebody has that seat. Have another 3.5 hours before my battery dies. Working on "Love After Capture," spinoff of newly released LOVE AFTER HOURS mini romance novel --

Enjoy your week, and I'm glad you stopped by my author blog. 


Random Web Photo: Canoe Bar, Negril, Jamaica


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