Sunday, May 18, 2014

At Idle Awhile on beach in Negril ... working, working, working... new book hits today... "Love After Capture"

I hope your Sunday is going well. At Idle Awhile on beach in Negril. Been here since little before 7:00 am working. Internet went out last night, right before upload of new book, so was on the prowl eeeeearly this morning looking for spot to work ... New book uploaded (Love After Capture)... should hit Amazon and BN later in day, whew! (I'll add a link when it hits.)  (UPDATE:  Here's Amazon link to LOVE AFTER CAPTURE -- Take a sneak peek at cover at bottom of blog post ...

Now time to get ready for walk with sis in hills of Negril... 'bout 10.5 - 11 more miles on tap for today, but not before making it back to my apt., which is at least 2.5 - 3 miles, which I trekked to get down here at crack of dawn. Had waiter pack up my pancakes (yes, pancakes! smile) b/c I neglected to eat them re: busy working. Needless to say, I will be pooped this evening, but good stuff. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! God is good! Thank you for stopping by my author page. 

Cassandra Black

Love After Capture is a Spinoff of Love After Hours -- (Avail on Amazon and Barnes.)

Love After Capture: 
Kindle (

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