Monday, April 28, 2014

Latest Romance Book -- HEART'S DESIRE (Under the Taribou Moon)

I hope you've had a great Monday. Day was very full on this end, but good stuff! Regret I didn't make my walk today, but my hands were glued to my keyboard working on next release.

Steamy Romance! 

LOVE AFTER HOURS (a shortie!) will be out soon. (UPDATE 4/30/14: The new book is out. See my hand at something a little steamier in this next romance book. So far, so good. Having fun writing it! 

Latest Press Release:

Here's a quick link to press release announcing the latest multicultural romance book release: HEART'S DESIRE ... 

Heart's Desire (Under the Taribou Moon), PART 1

(Part 2 Out May, 2014)

Update for NOOK Users:

Note: NOOK users, please note this new Heart's Desire release has not been uploaded to BN. The BN upload website has been having technical issues for daaaaaaays. On their behalf, I am sorry about the delay. Soon come on NOOK ... I'm hopeful.

Enjoy your evening, and, as always, THANK YOU for stopping by my author blog. 

Cassandra Black

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