Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good morning. I'm up and at it this Tuesday morning ...

Good morning. I'm up and at it this Tuesday morning, having ginger tea. Slept preeeeetty good last night. Was in the bed early and slept almost straight through (which is unusual). Feeling a calm surrounding me today. 

I feel God's presence. 

The apartment building is uber quiet this morning. Pigeons aren't even making a sound. Love getting up early before the world starts stirring about. As soon as its light out, I will open the door of my little studio so I can say good morning to one of my favorite things, the Caribbean Sea. (Have to make plans to actually stick my toe in the water this weekend ... it's been a minute).

Wishing you a great Tuesday! Full morning ahead working on next multicultural romance novella, Love After Hours, coming out soon (UPDATE 4/30/14: The new book is out. See

  ... Enjoy your day. 



Heart's Desire (Under the Taribou Moon), PART 1

(Part 2 Out May, 2014)

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