Friday, March 7, 2014

Will hit fish market today. Tons of "fresh catch," right out of the Caribbean Sea ...

Wow, it's Friday. The week flew by. Good weekend on tap. Looking forward to a Caribbean friend cooking fish, fish, fish at my place on Sunday. Will hit fish market today.  Tons of “fresh catch,” right out of the sea, at the little market on Beach Road.  I think we’ll have butter fish … if not, tuna. Let’s see what they have in my budget.

Today, I’m on day two of editing my next romance novella: Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove, due out middle of next week [update:  almost there; upload Friday, 3/14/14].  Getting a late start today, but on purpose. Last couple of days, I've cranked to get Sweetwater Cove written. (This one’s longer than most of my romance novellas, but the characters kept talking …)

Earlier, I had a nice what should have been veggie omelet, but my skillet sticks, so it was really scrambled eggs and veggies. Yum, though! :) Just popped my vitamin and gnawed my daily garlic clove -- and water's brewing for my green tea. Been good to the body so far this morning... :)

Hope to finish up early so I can get a long, "slow" walk in today. Pulled something in my leg about a week ago, but I'm feeling almost new again, so I look forward to a good stretch out without the limp.  Gorgeous day in Negril.  My apartment door is open and the Caribbean Sea is very calm out there in the distance.  The only sound I hear now is my ceiling fan humming above -- and those three pigeons making that little almost gurgling sound they make on the apt. balcony next to my unit.  (Neighbors had reggae music going for about an hour earlier, but it's off now.)

Let me get down to book editing so I can enjoy some of the sunshine a little later.   I hope you have a great weekend, and thank you for visiting my author blog.

Cassandra Black

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