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Press Release: New Short Romance Book Release, Loving Logan, Part 3

See Press Release for Loving Logan, Part 3:


An Amazon BEST SELLER:   

This book is PART 3 (the final book) in the LOVING LOGAN mini romance series. Upon Part 1's initial release, it was an ***Amazon Best Seller,*** climbing to #1 in the Interracial and Multicultural Romance Books category and remaining for several days. 


Logan and Chelsea's relationship has survived personal twists and turns that seemed destined to tear them apart. But unconditional love and trust has kept them fastened together in the small town of Whisper Creek, Virginia.

In Part 3, as they get closer to their wedding date, everything seems to be falling into place magically. But right around the bend, trouble lurks down an unexpected path.

Will their vow to never leave each other's side be powerful enough to overcome a hurdle from Logan's past?

Or will one of them fall victim to unforeseen danger that could shatter their future before they ever have a chance to become husband and wife?

Please see overall introduction for the series below.

LOVING LOGAN Series Introduction

It's the holiday season, one week before Thanksgiving, and Chelsea Winters is moving from the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. to Whisper Creek, a small Virginia town on the outskirts of Norfolk.  Taking a detour in her career, she gets a waitressing job at the town's local diner to help make ends meet as she licks her wounds and starts over.

Chelsea doesn't expect to meet Logan Wilde, the handsome, sexy businessman who owns the diner and most of the small businesses in the area, including the largest paper mill on the East Coast. Logan is also the owner of the cottage she's renting on Arbor Lane. Chelsea knows getting involved with her landlord and her boss -- especially after what happened in D.C. -- might not be a good idea.

Logan knows there's more to Chelsea Winters than meets the eye.  He wanted her the second he saw her curvy, petite frame peering into his diner window early one morning before dawn.  Beautiful, smart, fiery, she reminds him of his mother, his father's mistress, who he believes abandoned him as a child to escape small-town living for the big city.

What's a big city girl doing in a small town like Whisper Creek? Logan wonders what Chelsea's running from in D.C., and how long she plans to stay in Whisper Creek.  He wants her in his world -- and it has nothing to do with her working in his diner.

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PART 3:  Check for Part 3 on BN in 24-48 hours.

Author's Note:  PART 3 is the final book in the Loving Logan mini romance series.


Cassandra Black
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