Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pretty day in tropics ... few sailboats in distance ...

Thank you for stopping by my author blog. It's a pretty day in the Caribbean.  I'm grateful for God's beauty. A few sailboats are taking their time cruising about the Caribbean Sea ... the water is mild, calm, this morning. I can see it from my little apartment balcony.  (Uh-oh, my neighbor just cranked up his reggae music ... I suppose it's not too loud -- considering this is a vacation, beach community, and it's high season, but it's a lil' distracting for "Sweetwater Cove, Alabama," the setting for my next novella. Focus, Cassandra ...)

Pecking away on my next romance novella:  Finding Love in Sweetwater Cove. Hope to tie things up by 4:00 PMish today so I can get a long walk in down by the the beach. Also have to hit the grocery store for a few things for dinner this evening.  I think Shark Tank repeats are on tonight on CNBC -- also, maybe The Profit, too. Need to call big sis to find out. The plan is to be in well before dark. Still so much to do, but I am loving every second.   Let me get back to it. My characters are talking to me this morning (Heather-Anne McCreary and Jake Coleman). Let me give life to their banter.

Wishing you a great Tuesday! Again, thank you for stopping by my author blog.

Cassandra Black

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***New*** ROMANCE Book Release: ***Loving Logan, PART 2***

Finally, I've given birth to Loving Logan, PART 2the latest romance novella in my series of romance books:  You can find PART 2 now on Amazon at this link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I4C9I9U

Book Description



Chelsea Winters finds the love of her life in a small Virginia town after running from heartache in Washington, D.C. Not only is Logan Wilde handsome, sexy and kind, he's also wealthy. And, he wants to marry her and have her by his side at the family enterprise, which consists of most of the businesses in Whisper Creek and the surrounding areas.

But Chelsea is in the beginning stages of opening her new real estate office. Will Logan’s reigns -- and wealth -- pull her too tight as she tries to regain her independence? Or will the neglect of her own company be too high of a price to pay to be his wife?

The solution for Logan may be Lisa Webb, the new executive chosen to help manage Wilde Enterprises. But Lisa has ideas of her own since Logan’s fiancé is too busy to be at his side.

Will jealousy push Chelsea to forge a new bond with the handsome Ryan Colby, a decorated war veteran who has wanted her since the day he laid eyes on her in the neighboring Dakota Village? Back from his last tour of duty, Ryan craves Chelsea in his life -- and in his bed. And, he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Will buried family secrets about Logan’s half-brother, Hatcher, and the disappearance of Logan’s mother, reveal themselves in time to bring Logan and Chelsea back together -- or will the truth tear them apart forever? 


This new release is the sequel to Loving Logan, PART 1.  Thanks to your support, upon its initial release, Loving Logan, PART 1, was an ***Amazon Best Seller,*** climbing to #1 in the Interracial and Multicultural Romance Books category and remaining for several days. If you haven't picked up PART 1, please visit the following links:  Amazon (Kindle format):  http://www.amazon.com/Loving-Logan-PART-Cassandra-Black-ebook/dp/B00G82HLB0/ref=la_B005BU7Y44_1_2?sBarnes and Noble (NOOK format):  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/loving-logan-part-1-cassandra-black/1118139845?ean=2940148678595 


Please see overall introduction for the series below.

LOVING LOGAN Series Introduction 

It's the holiday season, one week before Thanksgiving, and Chelsea Winters is moving from the hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C. to Whisper Creek, a small Virginia town on the outskirts of Norfolk. Taking a detour in her career, she gets a waitressing job at the town's local diner to help make ends meet as she licks her wounds and starts over.

Chelsea doesn't expect to meet Logan Wilde, the handsome, sexy businessman who owns the diner and most of the small businesses in the area, including the largest paper mill on the East Coast. Logan is also the owner of the cottage she's renting on Arbor Lane. Chelsea knows getting involved with her landlord and her boss -- especially after what happened in D.C. -- might not be a good idea.

Logan knows there's more to Chelsea Winters than meets the eye. He wanted her the second he saw her curvy, petite frame peering into his diner window early one morning before dawn. Beautiful, smart, fiery, she reminds him of his mother, his father's mistress, who he believes abandoned him as a child to escape small-town living for the big city.

What's a big city girl doing in a small town like Whisper Creek? Logan wonders what Chelsea's running from in D.C., and how long she plans to stay in Whisper Creek. He wants her in his world -- and it has nothing to do with her working in his diner.

See Part 1: http://www.amazon.com/Loving-Logan-Cassandra-Black-ebook/dp/B00G82HLB0/ref=la_B005BU7Y44_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1390225678&sr=1-2 
Cassandra Black
**NEW ROMANCE** Loving Logan, PART 2,  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I4C9I9U

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