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New ***ROMANCE*** Release: "Marriage & Intimacy"‏ ...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. New ROMANCE novella: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans, PART 3:  Marriage & Intimacy." This part of the series focuses on risqué lovemaking that pushes the limits and a couple who is considering crossing traditional sexual boundaries. The story also explores realistic issues affecting blended families.  

See (Find three excerpts below.)

This book is part of the "Loving a Texan from New Orleans" mini romance series. See links to the full series below.


OVERVIEW -- PART 3: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans:  Marriage & Intimacy" 

Savannah Castillo and Hunter Wolf met and fell in love. She moved from the Atlanta, Georgia area to Wolf's Lair, Hunter's sprawling ranch on the outskirts of a tiny, Texas military town. Savannah is both nervous and excited about becoming Hunter's wife -- and about becoming the stepmother to his children. But there are hurdles in Texas she could have never imagined that may threaten their union.
Will temptation, duty, stepchildren, and the fear of crossing sexual boundaries tear them apart before they reach the altar? Or is their love strong enough to transcend it all on the journey to matrimony?


Please stop, I felt like I should demand, secretly enjoying the stinging of his hands against my sweaty buttocks.  

"Oh, Hunter," I said, unable to control the  passion building inside of me.

"Yes, Savannah," he uttered through heavy breathing. "Do you want me to stop?"  His riding became deeper, more deliberate, as his body continued to control my wild movements. 

A thrill of excitement rushed through my veins as my body exploded with him behind me. Hunter shivered and held fast to us as the river of our lovemaking became one.  We stood there, locked together, as he kissed me gently on the shoulders, pulling me closer to his naked, muscular frame. As I relaxed, he eased his body gently from mine. 

"You like?" he asked, lifting my chin, forcing me to look at him ... 


"Carmen can I ask you something?" 

"Of course, anything," my friend said. 

"Well, it's about sex," I said, not sure of how to broach the subject. 

"Go ahead," she said. "I'm listening."

"Well, Hunter is more, how can I say, carnal, in his lovemaking than he was before he left." I let out a breath, almost embarrassed to be talking about sex on this level with my friend.

"And the problem with that would be?" Carmen asked, jokingly. I could tell she'd heard the hesitancy in my voice. I knew she was trying to relax me in her own way. 

"Carmen," I said. "I'm serious. I’m no prude or anything, but I feel something in Hunter that I didn't feel before, and it's coming out in the bedroom."

"Well, how does it make you feel?" she asked, concerned. "I mean, is he hurting you, Savannah?" ...


"Heather, do you have something on your mind?" Hunter asked his daughter.

The child shot me a harsh stare and looked back at her father.

"Answer me, young lady," he ordered.

"I don't like her," she said. "And I don't want you to get married. I'd rather you marry Sergeant Nancy."

"Heather --" Hunter started.

"You asked me, daddy," she said, too loud. "I hate that you brought her here, I hate that you spend time with her in the cottage, and I hate the sight of her in our yard. I hate her, hate her, hate her!"

My eyes grew hot as I fought hard to hold back the tears ...

# # #


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PART 3: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans:  Marriage & Intimacy" --


PART 1:  "Loving a Texan from New Orleans: Meeting Hunter Wolf" --

PART 2: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans: The Beginning of Forever" --

PART 3: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans:  Marriage & Intimacy" -- 

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On another note, I know many are waiting on "For Richer For Poorer" (Part 2) and "Loving Logan" (Part 2). Both will be out this holiday season.  I'm working on them now. :)

Have a super weekend, and thank you VERY MUCH for your readership and your feedback!

Cassandra Black

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