Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good PR Outlets for New Book Releases / Negril, Jamaica Photos -- My "Writer's Life"

Hi everyone. I hope your Sunday is going well.  So far, it's great this morning on this end. Looking out at Caribbean Sea in cute little studio in Negril doing some PR for my latest short romance novel release. (Shared a few photos of "writing" life in Carib for fall/winter below ...  but I digress ...) This post discusses some quick ways to drive traffic to your book website.  
As a self-publisher, I've found PRLog to be a fantastic outlet for new book announcements. See
Also, APSense is a user-friendly website that gets pretty good juice.
Amazines also throws some traffic my way:  
Finally, I also get a few hits (though not many) from GoArticles:
But, BY FAR, PRLog has been the best.  
Of course, you'll have to set up individual accounts on each website, but they are all worth maneuvering so you can drive traffic to your author website.  Good luck!
Okay, back to a little more book marketing (up since before 6:00 AM today), then I'll pop a movie into my DVD player and just lounge for a bit. Later, will head out for about 5 miles to stretch the old bones -- walking, walking, walking. Reggae Marathon coming up next month ( registered for Half... um ready!
Have a super week, and thank you for stopping by my blog page.

My Writer's Life in Jamaica (see related post:

Photo Below:  That's me at local cafe writing in Negril ... was tying up "Loving a Texan from New Orleans, PART 3:  Marriage & Intimacy" -- 

Photo Below: That's me out for my morning walk on Seven Mile Beach ... usually I walk the road, but felt moved to hit the sand that day ... favorite thing in the world is walking in hot sun... I know, crazy, right?

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