Saturday, September 28, 2013

Do It Yourself? 10 Tips for Beginners from Top Self-publishing Sites

I know from personal experience self-publishing is very rewarding. It's not an easy task, but the ultimate control you have over your work (and your life!) and the financial gain you can enjoy after creating a successful work are both reasons to simply go for it.

I've pasted an excerpt from an editorial that can give you some self-publishing tips.

Do It Yourself? 10 Tips for Beginners from Top Self-publishing Sites

"So, you’re thinking about self-publishing your stories ... Every day there’s an article giving reasons why writers should take or at least consider the self-publishing route ..."  see Do it yourself? 10 tips for beginners from top self-publishing sites, at for full article.

Good luck with your writing project, and have a great weekend! (Now for mi' errands.)

Cassandra Black

**Latest ROMANCE Release** For Richer For Poorer 


Hamilton Steele, a sexy real estate developer, was looking for love in Harper's Grove, a sleepy town on the outskirts of Atlanta. A downward spiral of the housing market, and a twist of fate, landed him back in the handyman occupation he thought he'd seen the last of -- and onto the steps of Miranda Colbert. 

Miranda's heart was closed to anything resembling love, especially after her last fiasco of a relationship. The only thing on her mind was getting Colbert and Company back on its feet and getting the little bungalow falling down around her up to par -- until she opened the door to her new handyman. 


"Hi, ma'am," he said in a sexy voice with a slight southern twang. "I'm Hamilton. Hamilton Steele." She was a beautiful woman. A perfume he couldn't quite place teased his senses. Hamilton reached out to shake her hand. Dainty, soft. He knew if he squeezed too hard he would hurt her. His eyes lingered on the small, delicate features of her caramel-colored face. The fullness of her lips were irresistible, and the slender, silver chain around her neck traveled down to a pert bosom that was void of a brassiere. Something about her, almost like a magnet, made him want to pull her into his arms and ravish her with his lips. 

Miranda's heart raced as she surveyed the creature in front of her. Jeans, white t-shirt, and construction boots were made for men like the one standing on her porch. Sexiness oozed from him as he stood there, devouring her with his eyes.

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