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SARAH’S JOURNEY, by Cassandra Black (Contemporary Romance)


By Cassandra Black 

(Contemporary Romance)


SARAH’S JOURNEY: Sarah was a supportive wife, loving mother and perfect host. She stood behind her husband as he grew his law practice from a small firm to the pinnacle of success. Her dreams, her very identity, centered on her family -- and she loved every second of life as Ms. Sarah Owens. 

Their son was in college, two steps from law school, and she and John could finally look forward to each other. They could spend more time together; even travel a bit. For years he’d planned to cut back and spend more time at home once he brought on more partners. 

But after almost twenty one years of marriage, her husband announced he’d fallen in love with another woman. 

Losing her San Bernardino estate home in the divorce settlement, Sarah travels cross country to a small Georgia mountain town to settle in what was once “their” vacation home. She’s suddenly alone, angry and afraid; but she must somehow gather the pieces of self and start all over again -- in life, career, and maybe in love.


Chapter 1

“Awwwwww!” The silent wails had grown into desperate howls. She violently shook her head from side to side to fight off the flood of memories that had led her to this point in her life. Sarah remembered that dreadful Christmas Eve morning seven months ago, when John left her. 

“Where are you going, John?” Her husband slid into his cashmere traveling coat and draped his argyle scarf around his neck. 

“I'm leaving Sarah.” He grabbed the suitcase from the king size bed and headed to the wide hallway outside the master suite leading to the stairs.

“Leaving? What are you talking about, where are you going?” She asked, pulling her silk robe tight around her tiny waist.

John stopped in his tracks, but did not look back at her. “You know where,” he said calmly. “We've talked about this.”

“John, this is a phase, I've forgiven you. We can work it out.” She ran after him pleading.

“Damn-it, Sarah, it's no phase!” John turned to look at her. “I love her, I don't love you anymore!” His face was red. She could see hurt in his eyes. 

Sarah tugged at her husband's arm. “John, we can work it out, please.” Sarah's thin, blonde hair flailed as she grabbed at the scarf around his neck.

“John, please, no John, please!” she cried out.

He tried to grab Sarah's arm. His grip loosened on the suitcase and it toppled down the stairs. 

“Sarah, calm down!” He shook her. “I'm sorry,” he said. A tear rolled down his face. “I never meant to hurt you,” he choked. “I'm so sorry, Sarah.” He looked into her eyes. “God forgive me, I'm so sorry, sweetheart.”

“You bastard!” Sarah reached out and slapped her husband across the face. 

“Bastard!” Before she knew it, she had charged forward and clawed at him like a crazed animal. With all her might, she pushed him down the marble stairs. John twisted and turned, trying to cling to the garland draping the banister, as he tumbled helplessly down the stairs. 

“Johhhnnnn!” Sarah ran after him. “John!” Her husband lay heaped at the bottom of the stairs. She could see blood trickling from his head onto the white marble floor.


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