Sunday, November 20, 2016

She hadn't planned on falling in love ...

 Loving a Texan from New Orleans Part 4

Stone Cottage Books highlights the fourth installment in the multicultural romance novel series Loving a Texan from New Orleans (“Texan”).  

Part 4 of Texan follows the journey of an African American widow finding love again after the loss of her husband.

Series Overview

She hadn't planned on falling in love on the trip to visit her daughter at Diesel Air Force Base. But there he was, like a ray of sunshine, in a tiny Texas military town. Hunter Wolf awakened feelings in Savannah she thought were dead. But could she take a chance, unafraid, after both their pasts?


An empty nester, Savannah Castillo travels to a tiny Texas military town near Dallas to visit her daughter, Audrey. 

While visiting Diesel Air Force Base, the widow agrees to take shooting lessons her daughter has already arranged. Preferring not to own a gun at all, Savannah knows she has to get some protection because of the recent trouble at her bungalow in Fayetteville, a scenic bedroom community on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia.

After meeting Hunter Wolf, the handsome military weapons instructor, “born and bred in Nawlins,” Savannah learns more than how to handle a firearm; she learns how to love again. 

Loving a Texan from New Orleans, Part 4, can be found on Amazon (Kindle format) and Barnes and Noble (NOOK).

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