Tuesday, May 26, 2015

At Canoe's on beach, writing ...

I hope you're having a great Tuesday. At Canoe's on beach, writing. Internet went out in Negril yesterday at my place after big thunderstorm. Yup; still out. It's an island, so I'm used to it, but hopefully it'll be back on when I get back in. Few more hours of work. 

Exercise already finished -- walked up cliffs near Rick's Cafe to check on my cottage (time to have the guy mow, again) and took a nice little break by the sea (old photo of cottage and sea attached ... fav spot in Negril!). 

Enjoy the rest of your day, and thank you for stopping by my blog. Back to writing!


Old photo of my cottage 
and favorite spot by sea in Negril.

Negril, Jamaica

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