Friday, October 24, 2014

**HOT NEW RELEASE** -- "Loving a Country Man"

New Romance Book Release:  LOVING A COUNTRY MAN (Multicultural Romance)

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Raven Monroe and Dallas Kincaid’s paths finally cross at a gas station in a rural Colorado town, after having both lived in Manhattan for years and never meeting.

Raven is in Gin River for her friend Amanda Taggart’s wedding. “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride” seems to be her destiny -- until she meets a simple, country man from the farm just around the bend from Taggart Ranch. After just a little while, Raven realizes there’s more to the handsome farmer than meets the eye.


Dallas Kincaid vowed to never return to Gin River, Colorado. The little country town never felt like home, and he left as soon as he was of age, feeling more at home in big cities like Manhattan -- where no one knew his past. But after meeting Raven Monroe, the desire to settle down and start a family in a quiet enclave like Gin River is stronger than ever.

But will Dallas be able to come to terms with his past and embrace everything that belongs to him -- both good and bad -- so he can have the one thing he’s always coveted?

And can Raven forget her own past and let him in? Or will demolishing the wall she built after what happened to her be too high a price to pay for happiness that’s not guaranteed …

                   LOVING A COUNTRY MAN, 

Cassandra Black
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