Monday, July 15, 2013

New week, new book, but first ... (not enough hours in the day, but loving every second) ...

Hi everyone. I hope your Monday is off to a great start. This week, I start updating one of my non-fiction titles. The new "2013-2014 Master List of Property Preservation Companies Directory, 3rd Edition," will be released July 21st. It will be a bear to update, but I'm ready for the challenge. Long nights ahead this week.  But first, I had to get out another quick press release (it was on my To Do list) promoting Texan, Part 2. See press release below:


New Short, Romantic Story Release: PART 2, The Beginning of Forever, Loving a Texan from New Orleans Series

Cassandra Black has released the second novella in the "Loving a Texan from New Orleans" series, "Part 2: The Beginning of Forever." This short, romantic story series focuses on one woman’s fear of loving again.

Romance Novel Synopsis: She hadn't planned on falling in love on the trip to visit her daughter at Diesel Air Force Base. But there he was, like a ray of sunshine, in a tiny Texas military town. Hunter Wolf awakened feelings in Savannah Castillo she thought were dead. But could she take a chance, unafraid, after both their pasts?

Fear of Love: Seven Fears and Ways to Overcome Them

According to a Psychology Today editorial, Afraid to Love: Seven Fears and Ways to Overcome Them, individuals are scared to love for a myriad of reason. The editorial discusses seven reasons why an individual may be afraid to embrace another with their heart and ways to overcome those hurdles. See seven common fears below:

  • fear of disapproval
  • afraid of commitment
  • being scared of loss
  • distress about disappointing people
  • apprehension about being "found out"
  • frightful of being consumed
  • anxiety about getting trapped
Cassandra states her Texas romance novel's main characters, Savannah and Hunter, seek to overcome some of the emotions reviewed in the Psychology Today editorial.

Where to Find Novella

Readers can find the second book in the short, romantic story series, "Loving a Texan from New Orleans, Part 2: The Beginning of Forever", in both NOOK (Barnes and Noble, and Kindle (Amazon,

About the Author of the Mini-novel Series

A writer and publisher, Cassandra Black resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area. However, she travels frequently to the Caribbean for inspiration and to work on a little cottage near the sea.

Mini-novel Format

According to Cassandra, "My romance novels are written primarily for women, and the electronic, mini-book format fits how we live today. For example, this current Texas romance novel's page count is approximately 85 pages.  As mothers, wives, and career women, we barely have time to breathe, more or less time to sit down with a 400-page book, on a regular basis. My mini-books can be quickly read on a lunch break, on the subway or bus, at the airport, doctor's office, anywhere readers have time to enjoy a quick romance novel.  

Amber Creek Pen Name

Cassandra Black has authored several books under her own name as well as a pen name (Amber Creek). She is also the author of several real estate and small business publications available through Stone Cottage Books.

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