Friday, February 8, 2013

Editing New Novel

Editing New Novel

I hope your day is off to a great start. Having coffee, getting ready to start editing new novel. Hope to get it released within next week.  Finished the cover last night going on midnight.
My current release is doing really well on Amazon:  Loving a Texan from New Orleans, Cassandra Black a/k/a Amber Creek, #56 African American Romance; #62 Multicultural Romance
Enjoy your day, and make some good stuff happen!

PS:  Just peeked out window and see I will need to mow the lawn soon. Can't believe it's February, and it's time to cut the grass already. I'm ready; good exercise. 

Cassandra Black, Author

Stone Cottage Books is a book publisher located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. For books, visit Barnes & Noble and Amazon and search the following author names: Cassandra Black; Amber Creek. Main Business Website:

Cassandra Black, Featured Author, Stone Cottage Books,

Amber Creek (prev. pen name used by Cassandra Black), Featured Author, Stone Cottage Books,

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