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New Holiday Romance Refreshingly Showcases Middle-aged Characters

New Holiday Romance Refreshingly Showcases Middle-aged Characters

Cassandra Black has co-authored a new multicultural romance novel entitled “Merry Christmas To Me.” The new holiday release refreshingly showcases middle-aged characters.

New Romance Book Release -- “MerryChristmas To Me

 “Merry Christmas To Me” is a new love story about a woman in her mid-forties struggling to move on after divorce.  This romance novella is unique in that the heroine, Sandy Ross, is not a classically young woman, as is the case with heroines in many contemporary romance novels today. 

The heroine, instead, is a middle-aged woman who’s dealing with annoying perimenopause symptoms and the realization that her children will be going off to college sooner rather than later. 

Though Sandy has a full life running her business and raising her children, she’s lonely -- until she considers embracing a happiness that’s been right under her nose for years. 

“Mature Love” Showcased in New Multicultural Romance Book

According to co-author Cassandra Black, “Many readers have emailed thanking me for writing about “mature love” by putting middle-aged characters in some of my books. I am pleased romance readers are drawn to these stories, because I -- and so many of my friends -- are in this same age group. And we can certainly relate to some of the issues discussed.”

Ms. Black recently authored another love story entitled “From This Day Forward.” This multicultural romance novel also showcases older leading characters.  

“Regrettably, there seems to be a gaping hole in romance novels when it comes to using middle-aged characters,” Ms. Black stated. “And I, for one, am happy to take part in starting to fill that gap.”

Read a Free Sample of “Merry Christmas To Me” Online

Find a free sample of the new release on Amazon at and on Barnes and Noble and All Romance Ebooks.  

Read the new novella’s full overview below.

New Romance Book Overview -- “Merry Christmas To Me”

It was the holiday season, and divorcee Sandy Ross was at her in-laws’ estate home in Philadelphia.

Sitting around the table, another Christmas, listening to her ex-husband Charles take little stabs at her, she wondered why she put herself through the ridicule, year after year.

But Sandy looked over at her son and daughter and was quickly reminded. She endured the torture of the holiday dinners for the sake of her children; so they could have some sense of normalcy after the divorce.

But she never did fit into the big Ross family and all of their snobbery and wealth -- not then and not now.

Since the divorce five years ago, Sandy had stepped back into a career long-abandoned. She’d made great strides starting her own investment firm. At 45, she earned a six figure salary, had a solid business, owned a beautiful home in an elite suburb of the city, and she was healthy and fit.  But for some reason, every time she stepped back into the Ross world, she felt like that insecure young woman Charles had married all those years ago. 

But she was finding her bootstraps this year, and she feared one more sip of eggnog would have her giving Charles and his snooty mother a piece of her mind before storming off in search of her own Merry Christmas -- which would have little to do with turkey and cranberry sauce, and more to do with Holden, Charles’ younger brother, who she’d wanted for years.  

But little did Sandy know, Holden Ross had craved more than her body all those years she was married to his brother; he’d fallen in love with her.  And if he has his way this Christmas, her idea of a one night stand could turn into forever.

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“Merry Christmas To Me” is published by Stone Cottage Books (“SCB”). The co-author, Candy Stone, is a new SCB writer.

To find more books by the publisher, see  

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